Althea 2nd Birthday Products Review | Beauty

The long awaited unboxing is finally up! In my last Althea's 2nd birthday post, I mentioned that I would do a separate post for their activities as well as the products that I got from Althea. So, like most blog posts where usually both the activities during Althea Birthday last month along with the unboxing are included in one. I would prefer to do it separately. So without further a due, let me start showing you what I've got.

I got myself a total of 15 items 🙈. Aren't you curious what or how I can get 15 items with just RM150? Here are the items,

1. Witch Pouch Shadow For Eyes, RM10

I got myself SD-3 Venus Blue. Witch Pouch eye shadow comes in 5 different shades. Royal Golden Beam, Pink Of Moon, Venus Blue, Spring Connection and Glam Brown. Not what I expected, I was expecting the colour to be more vibrant, but after using twice. The colour is very light, suitable for beginners to start with. But this is my own opinion, for people who does not like dark colours, this might not be the best option for you.


  • Suitable for beginners as the price is reasonable.
  • The box provides step by step instructions on which colour to be used first at which area of your eyes.
  • The colour gives a hint of glitter on your eyes which makes your eyes sparkle.
  • Small and convenient to bring around in your purse/bag.
  • Inclusive shadow tip for users.
  • There are 5 different colours to choose from.


  • The colour is very light compared to what they have shown in the picture.

Overall Rating: 3/5

2. Apieu Sugar Melting Tint, RM18

I got myself OR01 Orange Cupcake. Apieu melting tint comes in 4 different colours. Apple Sorbet, Rose Macaron, Peach Pie and Orange Cupcake. One of my new favourite lip tint, it is something different from the usual tint. The colour is vibrant and it helps to moisturize your lips.


  • The colour is very vibrant.
  • It does not dry up your lips, instead it helps to moisturize your lips in secs!
  • Price is fairly reasonable.
  • Long lasting as the colour would stay on for few hours.


  • Does not have the twisting function. This product have to keep clicking for the lip tint to come out.
  • After clicking it out, unable to keep it in. (be sure not to click too much)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

3. Yet Clubpartra Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner, RM15

I got myself Real Black. It comes in either Real Black or Real Brown. My first time getting a gel liner which is in pencil type. I usually stick with the brush liner as it is simple and easy to use. But after trying it out a couple of time, it does have its own benefits compare to the brush, like you can slowly adjust at your eye areas without worrying you would mess it up. If it's Brush type, once the tip of the brush touches your skin, it will definitely leave a mark.


  • Very light compare to the previous brush liner I use.
  • Comes with a sharpener to sharpen your gel liner once it's bland.
  • Waterproof, which means say good bye to smudge eyeliner.
  • Can be used as eyeliner by blending it in right after applying.


  • If users doesn't close the cap properly, the creamy texture of the gel liner would fade and it will be rougher to draw.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

4. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack, RM3.50

I got myself Fruit Mix. All 5 different flavour has it's on benefits in improving different purpose. It comes in Fruit Mix, Herb, Honey, Milk and Peach. The packaging itself it's cute. For people like me who often having dry and crack lips, I was always told by my mum to apply lip balm 24/7. Luckily after I try out Pure Smile Fruit Mix. It really does helps in improving my lips condition. Extra bonus is I got to take funny pictures of me with the funny big lip. 👄


  • It moisturizes your lips instantly.
  • Convenient to bring around for traveling as we often get cracked lips when we travel around cold country.
  • It contains collagen, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil.


  • None for as far as I can think of.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

5. Secret Key Sweet Glam Two Tone Glow, RM27

I got myself 03. Juicy Orange. There are 3 colours to choose from Lollipop Pink, Chic Red and Juicy Orange. I love using 2 tone lipstick, it gives my lips a gradient effect. What I like about this product is you can use it for both a daily light make up look or a heavy dinner make up look just by playing with the colour. For a simple daily look, I just have to swipe once over my lips and poof, it's done. As for the dinner look, I just have to swipe it across my lip for 2-3 times, there you have a brighter and more vibrant colour.


  • A simple single lipstick that can give you a two tone gradient effect.
  • The shades would eventually moisturize your lips.
  • Can have different results depends on how many coating you use on your lips.
  • The price is fairly reasonable for a two tone lipstick compare to other brand.
  • It colour its very long lasting.


  • Even though it's long lasting but the colour would fades to a lighter colour after 4/5 hours depending on each individual.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

6. Yet Don't Worry Mask Sheet, RM2

I got myself 2 type this time, Oil Control and Wrinkles. 3 types to choose from which include Nutrition, Oil Control and Wrinkle. I am always on the hunt for masks from different brands, so I came across this and it's cheap! So I have to give it a try. To my surprise, this mask really helps to moisturize my face and gives me a better and brighter complexion the next day. So sometimes do not choose things based on the price but the quality. I try out the oil control mask and gave the wrinkles mask to let my mom and grandmother try, they really loved it too!


  • Really affordable price for everyone.
  • Cute packaging that is available to bring around for traveling.
  • Suitable for all ages.


  • I realize it always goes out of stock on Althea. 🙈

Overall Rating: 4/5

7. MisshaThe Style 4D Mascara, RM16

Got myself a new mascara because my previous one does not really suits me. After using a few times, I like how it give my lashes volume without any agglomeration (like a clump of black gelish liquid on your lashes). Most importantly it does not stick all your lashes together, it can helps to separate your lashes nicely. For a waterproof makeup, it's quite convenient as it is easy to remove with makeup remover.


  • Really affordable price for a mascara.
  • Does not clump your lashes.
  • It's waterproof, so it does not smudge easily.
  • After applying it gives off a natural look.


  • None

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

8. Pure SmileJuicy Point Pad, RM3.50

I got myself Lemon. For the Fruit selection there are five different fruit pack to choose from. Cucumber, Kiwi, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry. This point pad is like a mini mask that you can place it at a certain part of the area only. For example if you only want to apply it at some part of your face but do not want to waste the whole mask, this could be something you're looking for. Can be used on face, hand or even your leg. It contains 10 pieces per pack.


  • Easy to use and can apply at the specific areas.
  • Comes in a ziplock bag.
  • Comes in 10 pcs which you can use for a few times.


  • Does not smell like lemon, and it has an odour.

Overall Rating: 3/5

9. the SAEM Saemmul Real Tint, RM15

I got myself #1 Red. Few colours to choose from which includes Red, Orange and Pink. You must be thinking where is the real picture of the product. I apologize for the inconvenience, because while I was trying it out and bringing it along with me for about a week plus, some how I think it fell out from my bag somewhere. So.. 😭 I am so sorry, but I really love this product. It had a nice and sweet scent when you apply it on your lips. It lasts really long on my lips.


  • It has a sweet smell whenever you apply.
  • The colour is very vibrant.
  • Cute packaging with reasonable price.


  • For my lips, the result has a little uneven effect, my bottom lips looks more vibrant than the upper lips.

Overall Rating: 4/5

10. Tony MolyNew Delight Tony Tint, RM11

I got myself Cherry Pink. There are 3 colours to choose from which is Cherry Pink, Red and Orange Cha Cha. This would be another favourite of mine. It does have abit similarities with the previous tint in the sense of sweet smell and colour. What makes it special and different from others is you will not mess up the top of the lip tint. It comes with something that builds in inside the bottle which prevent excess liquid from the tint stick.


  • Vibrant colour that is long lasting.
  • Sweet scent when you apply on your lips.
  • Price is reasonable


  • For my lips, the result has a little uneven effect, my bottom lips looks more vibrant than the upper lips.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

11. Secret KeyTattoo Eye Brow Tint, RM20

I got myself 02. Cafe Mocha. The available colours are Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Choco Frappuccino and Espresso. Love how the tint works as I only needed to apply twice a week on my brow. It can last up to 4-5 days for me. The colour would get lighter each day as I use makeup remover daily. This could really help to save lots of time by spending lesser time in drawing your brows everyday.


  • Tint can last up to 4/5 days depending on each individual.
  • Easy to use and save time in drawing your brows daily.
  • The colour looks natural on me.


  • None

Overall Rating: 4/5

Hope you enjoy reading this review. Please note that all the review are based on my own opinion, different individual might have different opinion on the item. Once again, thank you Tammy for giving me this opportunity to review the following items that I pick out myself. 💕

Sekinchan | Travel

Life in the city has been absolutely amazing, as you drive along the highway, you'll see skyscrapers with amazing structure and designs that gives a panoramic view of the cities in Malaysia. But sometimes our eyes tend to feel blurry by looking at structures above our shoulders and greenery is all we need to feel better from it.
Isolation, escaping from the bustling environment, peace, lush greenery, and captivating view of mother nature, it all best describes a small town known as Sekinchan. 

Sekinchan is a small town located in Sabak Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia. This town highlights a wide and breathtaking view of the paddy fields which acts as a major rice producing area in Malaysia. In the month of June and December, the lush paddy fields turns into gold yellow which indicates the farmers that it is ready for harvesting.

At the Sekinchan Paddy Field itself, visitors can cycle along the tracks and visit factories that showcases how the paddy plants are processed. One of the most well-known paddy processing factory is PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (or Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan Sdn Bhd) which allows tourist to learn more about the paddy fields and purchase the "pearl rice" that is famous among tourist that visits Sekinchan.

Are paddy fields the only reason why tourist visits Sekinchan? Of course not. There are many more amazing places and fresh seafood available too. Before I go any further, obviously a one-day trip to Sekinchan is never enough. Some may find it difficult to find a place to stay in Sekinchan as they call it a "small town", but you will be amaze by the number of hotels and unique places they have built for tourist like you and me to spend more than a night in Sekinchan.

Here are a few Unique Sekinchan Hotel that can be found using Traveloka leaving a great and memorable experience living in Sekinchan:

# Container Hotel/Farm Ville Café and Homestay

Compact rooms which promises a memorable living experience with an outdoor pool. Colourful picnic tables , benches and roof-top terraces gives a perfect visual of the mesmerizing sunset that links to peace and harmony greenery living.

# Padi Box Homestay 
Perfect for a relaxing family getaway living with spacious and affordable rooms which provides TV for entertainment and free-Wifi as you are able to update your live experiences in Sekinchan. Get your cameras ready to capture magical pictures as their structure and wallpaper focuses on colourful elements.

With Traveloka , you are able to find hotels or home stay even in small towns like Sekinchan. Not only it is convenient, but cheaper rates are available when you book using their app . They assure to all users that have a secure online transactions and no hidden charges as "What You See is What You Pay" when using Traveloka app.
Now that you've gotten yourself a place to stay, let's move on to more tourist attraction places in Sekinchan. Not only agriculture,  but Sekinchan is also known as a fishing village where fresh seafood can easily be found too. Don't miss out the "Seafood Street" where food retailers in Sekinchan prepare fresh and scrumptious seafood dish. These are a few famous restaurants in Sekinchan:

1.  阿娇海鲜饭店 Restoran Cha Po Tion  
Address: 170, Jalan Sungai Labu, Taman Seri Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

2. Loong Hua Seafood Restaurant  
Address: 73, Lorong Tiga, Pekan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

Finally, take a boat at the jetty or drive down to an out of sight beach in Sekinchan known as Redang Beach. What's better than watching sunset at the beach with your loved ones that you won't experience in the city! Put your feet in the sand, run through the waves and capture those moments with your family or friends.

Have a wish that you have not fulfilled? Stop by the "Wishing Tree" and make a wish at one of the most attractive place in Sekinchan at the Redang Beach.
As the quote says, "Make A Wish Come True." 

Hope everyone enjoyed reading my post on Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia. A small town where experiences can't be replaced for it's originality and beauty.

Traveloka Website:

Sekinchan Hotels:

*All pictures are taken from google. All rights reserved to their respectful owners.

Althea Petal Velvet Powder | Review

I presume most of us owns a loose powder. Occasionally you might even have one in your purse or beg for touch up. I am also quite certain that if you are one of my frequent readers, you might already know Althea is famous for selling different brands of Korean beauty products. After the birth of Althea about 2 years back, they have finally decided to launch their very first product, Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

From the name itself, you might have a rough idea on how the packaging might looks like, what colour the packaging might be or even have a guess what is the main ingredient in it just by the name. Packaging? Hmm… most loose powder comes in either a big or small container, so it should be something similar as well. Unless it comes in a more creative way that you can spray your loose powder out of a spraying container. Haha gotcha! I am just kidding, let’s move on. Althea boxes are usually Pink, so most probably for their first ever product it will be pink as well. As for ingredients, most probably they have althea flower as one of their ingredients.


  • Tada! This is how the packaging really looks like.

Glad to be one of their pioneer to receive the product and use it. So why did they come out with Althea Petal Velvet Powder instead of any other cosmetics? In my own opinion, I think even though you’re a beginner or an expert in the makeup industry, your first impression and how you look is very important. You don’t want to turn up with flawless eyeliner, brow that is on point but your face looks oily and with make up that melts after a few hours. This is where Petal Velvet Powder comes in, this powder helps to sets your makeup as well as leaving your skin looking flawless. They infused Althea seeds oil to keep sebum production on bay without drying out your skin. This means a fresher, more radiant looking you!

  • What I received from Althea πŸ’• Their signature box along with tiny flowers and leaf, a slice of air dried orange and lime along with a cute plastic print out of @altheakorea Instagram account, how cute πŸ™ˆ Most importantly, Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

So do you know what the powder is made of? Powder + Pure Natural Ingredients = Non Chemical Product which is good for your skin 🌺 So WHY Petal Velvet Powder? Their Powder are made with micro-fine particles, which would make your pores visible 🎊 to invisible. (shrinks the pores) Let me summarize the benefits for you :

  • Makeup Setting & Long Wearing
  • Micro-fine Particles & Soft, Smooth Texture
  • Natural & Cruelty-Free Ingredients
  • Sebum Control & Pore Blurring

Do you know how does an Althea flower looks like?

  • Althea Flower

Why include Althea flower in the powder? You may be wondering why this flower apart from thousands of others, it is because the flower’s seeds consists full of antioxidants that can protect our human skin barrier from dehydration. What’s more? It invigorate the skin for a beautiful complexion.

How to apply?
Pick up product with a brush or puff provided and gently sweep onto skin


RM 16

My opinion ~
I really love the packaging, even though it only have their logo on, but it looks classy. Sometimes with too much design on it will looks quite messy. It is small and light, suitable to bring around as it can fits straight into your bag or purse. The scent of it, it has a light Althea flower smell. The smell wasn’t too heavy which I think it’s perfect. After using my the powder on my face I can really see the difference, my pores was minimize. Lastly would be their puff, it is so puffy and soft.

As for what I think they can improve would be the size of the packaging. Instead of only having one size, why not come out with a bigger size as well which is suitable to put at home. It will be easier to apply compare with the smaller size puff. Next, I think they should come out with a skin colour puff. After using just once, my puff from white turns brown. =( It was cause by the layer of foundation on my face before applying the powder. I think if there is skin colour, user wouldn’t realize it and will feel much more happier when using.

Thank you Althea for the product. Really love it. πŸ’• My final rating for this product would be 4/5. 🌟 You can purchase it from the link below.

Althea Website:

SoulBeauty | Beauty

Congratulations to SoulBeauty on their 6th branch opening at MidValley. The main objective of SoulBeauty is towards the creation of beauty in each and every customer they serve. By providing a bridge that allows many whom desires true natural beauty more accessible, in giving opportunities to honorable customers that they are able to find their own external beauty as well as revealing pure natural look. A face that the customers represent as a youthful and beautiful asset which would increase each customers self confidence and let go of any worries they used to have before towards their beauty.
If some of you may be still be wondering what does SoulBeauty actually mean or maybe you are still a little lost about what services they are providing then here’s the short description about them. As the name is SoulBeauty, they hope that with every customers served, will be able to achieve their fullest potential in beauty along with boosting their self confidence at the same time. Besides, SoulBeautyΒ also brought in the most advanced technology and beauty products all originated from Korea itself. With this, customers are able to obtain Korean-level beauty without even having to trouble to fly all the out to South Korea or even have think about what’s the risk of undergoing plastic surgery in the persuade of perfect beauty.
Like I have mentioned above, SoulBeauty’s main objective is to assist customers in building the “perfect beauty in their own form” with the aid of the advanced technology and beauty products. In terms of environment, SoulBeauty has an environment of its own that allows customers to enjoy in a comfortable atmosphere with different themes of rooms among the other professional beauty consultants that are ready to advice and help to the fullest. SoulBeauty ensures that by doing this, customers may have a more wonderful and relaxing experience of achieving beauty. All SoulBeautyΒ wants from the customers is to bring the most chilling and intimate experience of becoming a step closer to beauty while having being treated as a queen.

On the other hand, the development and expansion of SoulBeauty has been pretty rapid as there is currently 6 branches across different regions. On March 2014, the very first SoulBeauty headquarters had a grand opening in Puchong area and in a short time, they were praised and trusted by many customers ever since. While the second branch is located at Sunway Giza Mall. During 2015, SoulBeauty did a lot of exclusive brand promotions and started promoting their brand and services through GSC cinema. Having the advantage of a huge fund, they continued promoting in Malaysia’s few well-known radio stations and magazines to improve publicity.


Soon after Stella Chung became one of their brand ambassador. On October and December 2015, they lived up to the expectations at Ampang and Penang city opening. In 2016, another branch opening at Seremban was also given with alot of attention as it was rated as the most luxurious beauty salon and became the only beauty sponsor for the “TVB Star Award Malaysia”, proving to people not to underestimate SoulBeauty‘s potential. Recently, on July 12, 2017, SoulBeauty had another grand opening for their sixth branch which will be at MidValley. They did not just stop there and go on with the event, the opening brought many amazing benefits to the public with a contest too! Any participant who was lucky enough on that day had the chance to win cash prizes and mystery gifts. Participants that had registered withΒ SoulBeauty as a member are eligible to get a special value for mystery gift worth RM688 and alsoΒ SoulBeauty Queen water skin careΒ at RM9 only! In addition, they also invited a special guest.


  • As shown above, Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia, Stella Chung and Nick Chung as one of the guests for the contest.

For more questions,Β please visit Soul Beauty’s official page on Facebook.


Address: 5-1 1st Floor, The Boulevard, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact: 03-8074 7211

Operating hour: Mon – FriΒ (11am-8pm)

Sat – Sun (10am-7pm)

Clio Club | Event

An event that I have eagerly dreamed to attend has finally came true. All thanks to The Butterfly Project for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be able to attend Club Clio party launching at Sunway Pyramid. I was so excited that I was one of the first few to arrive and registered. One thing good about being one of the earliest to arrive is to be able to get good photo of all the products before the crowd starts to come in. So what is the main purpose of the event? Club Clio is launching their new Limited Edition Perikiki Collection! Are you excited like I am? Not only that, they are also launching Clio 2017 Summer Collection which is Clio Tropical Hipster.

Clio Tropical Hipster Collection

Let's start with the Tropical Hipster. Their range of makeup can help you achieve a dreamy lash eye and a sun kissed lip makeup look. It has velvety textures along with seductive colours which makes your eyes look appealing.

Mad Matte Liquid Lip

First let me introduce one of my favorite product from their Tropical Hipster collection which is Mad Matte Liquid Lip. It comes in 6 different tone of red.

  • I got myself this which is the No.6 Toasty Peach. 🍑

Their formula contains a delicate but strong and high concentrated super fine pigmentation which let the lipstick penetrates into your lips within 2 seconds. So no worries of having to stain your cup while having a drink.

Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion

Next, their Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion which is limited edition. This cushion is a formula with super proof film which can make your skin look flawless and enabling your makeup to stay throughout the whole day without needing any touch up. There are 3 different colours to choose from, so that it could fit everyone's skin type. It helps prevent your skin from getting too oily or flaky as well as leaving your face in a smooth and matte finish without making your skin feeling sticky.

  • Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion

Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact

After using the cushion, you can apply Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact. It has only one colour which is blue mint colour. This product can help to cover and correct uneven skin tone on your face that could be caused by the warm and humid weather. Whereas in Malaysia, it's very suitable as we have the exact weather all year round.

  • 3 shades of Kill Cover Founwear Long Wearing Cushion and Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact on the right.

Color Coating Cara WP

With a beautiful coverage of your face, definitely there will be products for your eyes. The first product would be Color Coating Cara WP. You must be thinking huh? What product is that? It's one of the basic need which is MASCARA! Guess what, its waterproof as well. Love to go outdoor and play water sports activities? This might be your new all-time favorite. It comes in 3 colours which includes Metal Red, Black Pearl and Copper Bronze.

  • Would love to try their Copper Bronze, as I usually wear black mascara. Maybe it's time for a change? 🤔

Waterproof Pen Liner Kill

Okay time to move on, now for the second product for eye range would be Waterproof Pen Liner Kill. Two coloursto choose from which is Black and Brown. I am a person which prefers black eyeliner. 🙈 It's time for me to get my hands on one of these as they are waterproof eyeliner which would last from morning all the way till night. My eyeliner ends up in smudge often, so I guess I know where to get my next eyeliner, do you? If you're a beginner, this would be something you might want to try out as this eyeliner has a very thin and soft tip, so it makes applying much more easier and convinient! 💕

  • A picture of the Waterproof Pen Liner Kill along with their Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof.

Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof

So for the last item of Clio Tropical Hipster Collection, it would be for your eyebrows. Everyone always dreamed of having a perfect and on point eyebrows. Did you realize your brow itself can make a really big difference of how you look? Time for me to introduce you to Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Waterproof. It comes in 3 colours and what's more? They are having a special set now which means if you purchase a Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, you will get a free 55ml Pro Artist Fix Mist.

Opps… I'm too caught up with the products that I forget to talk about the event. So upon registration, I got to mingle around with the other bloggers and there's two muscular guys who walks around asking for kisses. You might be thinking, huh what? Kisses?! Want to know something crazier? I gave one of the guy a kiss on the neck with the Clio Mad Matte Liquid Lip. It is a fun and creative way for us to test out the colours and shades on.

After that, there was a makeup demonstration by Steven Sunny with Mia Chai. He uses all the products from the Tropical Hipster Collection on her.

  • Steven Sunny explains about each and every detail clearly and I really enjoy the session.


Peripera Perikiki Collection

Drumroll… time for me to introduce the new limited edition Perikiki Collection from Peripera. Have you heard of the brand? I guess you have heard of it because their brand are quite famous with their Ink Velvet Lipstick 💄. This limited edition collection is formulated for the hot and humid Asian weather. It is all waterproof formula, so if you are a person who can't go out even without the slightest makeup to gym or workout. This might be something you may want to consider.

Ink The Velvet

  • This is No.2 So Grapefruit.

The Ink The Velvet limited edition comes with a random figurine. I am lucky enough to get myself a penguin 🐧 as it is really adorable. The texture of this product is as soft as a whipped cream. It can instantly enhance your lip with vivid matte colours as well as on the same time hide your chapped lip. It is very long lasting and not to worry your lips would
get dry as it has a moisturizing effect.

Ink The Airy Velvet

For the airy velvet lipstick, it's has a creamy texture along with a lightweight coverage. If you love neon colour, there are 2 colours available in this collection. If you attend any event which have blue light, you will be the one who would stand out compare to others. 😉 Not to forget the limited edition Ink the Airy Velvet comes with the cute figurine.

Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Do not want your face to be filled with heavy makeup? Use a light and simple one will do? Here is something that might interest you. Ink Lasting Pink Cushion provide adhering makeup to skin for natural skin radiance coverage. It gives you a pink base filter that has a lasting effect which could keep your makeup smooth and fresh all day. There are 3 shades available for different skin tone.

Ink Lasting Mint Cushion

The packaging is similar to the pink cushion. But… it's BLUE 🦋. Mint Cushion main purpose is to help you create a flawless skin effect. It has a soft blur effect which could help soften your skin as if your skin is layered with primer. Not only that, it can help you balance up your uneven skin tone and blemishes your skin perfectly. Ink Lasting Mint Cushion comes in 3 shades as well. Just apply it once, there is no need to touch up throughout the whole day.

No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion

Now as for the last Cushion would be the No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion which were infused with white and silk powder in it. What does it helps in 🤔 It helps mating your skin at the same time controling oil and sebum, conceals pores and even cover your uneven skin texture. You can already guess by the name "Sun", it definitely comes with SPF50++PA+++, it can helps to blow know the UVB rays and prevent your skin from aging.

Ink Cara (Special Set)

Special set, what do I mean by that? There are 2 speacial set to choose from, either "Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Aqua Blue" or "Ink Black Cara Volume Setting + Ink Color Cara Black Espresso". Bored of the usual one tone mascara, now you can mix and match your new look with Perikiki Collection Mascara by using the Black Cara on your inner lash and Aqua Blue Cara on your outer lash. It will gives you a special effect as if you're wearing lenses. You can go swimming with it as it is smudge proof and have a powerful ink lasting effect.

Ink Brow Tattoo Gel

Woke up early in the morning, tired of your daily routine where drawing your brows may take about 5-10 minutes or more for beginners. Ink Brow Tattoo Gel is a strong ink which can keep your brows intact even after a whole day. Depends on each person, sometimes it can last up to 2 days or so as well. It has a little tattoo effect. It comes in 3 colours which is Light Brown, Brown and Gray Brown. For me I would choose Gray Brown as it suits my hair colour.

Ink Fitting Eyes

An eyeshadow palette which is small and cute that you can bring along in your bag. The colour would give you a Korean Ulzzang or a summer look. It's highly pigmented and it's soft texture makes blending easier. 4 unique colour which will be suitable for your everyday basic yet unique look.

So previously there was a demonstration for the Tropical Hipster Collection, same goes for the Perikiki Collection. This time Steven Sunny will be demonstrating on a special guest. She is the winner of Muse Search 2017, Hannah Wan. I really feel in love with the packaging as well as the product of Perikiki Collection. Here's a picture of Hannah Wan with the 2 neon colours from the Ink The Airy Velvet Collection.

Overall it is a fun event, if you asked me which collection I prefer. I would go with Perikiki Collection. Because it has its own unique styles and colours compared to the normal make up style. Why would I want to look the same when I can stand out in a different way. You can always play with the colours and mix and match them. Be unique, be different, be yourself.

Once again thank you The Butterfly Project and Club Clio for this opportunity for me to attend such a amazing event. Looking forward for the next event. 😍

Clio Tropical Hipster Collection available at:

PeriPera Perikiki Collection available at:

  • Club Clio Sunway Pyramid

*A few of the photos are taken from google. All right reserved to their respectful owners.

Focus Point | Event

Sometimes even your spectacles or sunglasses can reach its limits, maybe it doesn’t fits you anymore, or your power has changed in a certain way that has caused you to have trouble in seeing? Now, there comes another problem which is where should I get my glasses and most importantly how much will it cost? If you’re more to a budget committed shopper, an easygoing shopper or a luxurious shopper, Focus Point has got all these covered each in its own unique and different styles. Today is also the grand opening for Focus Point Concept Store at Melawati Mall.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 01.33.50.jpeg

  • Focus Point Concept Store at Melawati Mall.

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Moving on, there are 3 various concepts that are available according to your own needs. Firstly is the Whoosh concept, they have 2 series which is Sunniesseries and Trendy series. They are focused on packages where the fixed prices starts from RM165, RM195, RM215 and RM265.

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  • Sunnies series

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  • Trendy series


As for the next one, is Focus Point. This particular concept is mainly towards normal brand spectacles. So if you’re looking something not too low end or too expensive then this is for you! Brands such as Guess, Jaguar, Rayban, Coach, Oakley and more.

  • Focus Point


  • Me trying out Coach sunglasses, was deciding which one suits me most.


Now for this last concept, it is one of the high end glasses you can’t find elsewhere! They have exclusive brands such as Mont Blanc, Marc Jacobs, Porsche Design, Gucci, Tom Ford and many more to please your eyes with.

  • Eyefont concept

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There is one more section which I find it really really adorable which is the kid’s zone where spectacles and sunglasses are specially designed for children.

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  • In addition, there is a promotion for PONEY frame and sunglasses for kids BUY 1 FREE 1 valid from 26th July to 31st August.


Besides that,Β  Focus Point is having a promotion that is only valid for Melawati Mall Focus Point Concept Store ONLY. This can grant you a RM1 frame voucher when you go to the counter and register which is available for selected spectacles. Hurry up now to Melawati Mall! As this promotion is valid from 26th July till 31st of August 2017 to grab your vouchers! Other than that, Focus Point does not only stops there. They are also having a 60% off for GUESS eyewear too! To top that up, there is RAYBAN RB3025 for RM399 ONLY (while stocks lasts), as well as 50% off for every second purchase of WHOOSH eyewear.


Address: Melawati Mall LG-19,UP2-01

Contact: +603 7728 6060

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday (10am-10pm)


Pika Pika | Beauty

A wonderful Saturday afternoon with the other Butterflies at a cafe named Foret Blanc. The brand Pika Pika has finally landed in Malaysia, it is a Japanese brand product. So why they use the name Pika Pika, what is the meaning behind it? It means Bright and Sparkling. Moving on to the products, they have 3 items for the Deep Cleansing Range. So what makes it so special compared with other cleansers? It contains natural fruit extract, AHA and BHA which helps in dissolving dead skin as well as impurities in clogged pores. What's more? Pika Pika Deep Cleansing contains mineral and whitening complex to help purify dead skin and absorb excess oil.

So here are the 3 different products in Deep Cleansing Range,

1. Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid, 190ml RM79

Tired of having to remove your makeup everyday after events, work or a day out with friends? Why not just try out this product as it has a 2 in 1 function? Wash your face by using Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid while at the same time it removes your make up. Save money and time just by using one product. Wait…make it 3 items as we need to use cottons as well when we remove our makeup. 🙈 Furthermore, you get additional benefits by gaining natural fruit extract, AHA and BHA. It can help to dissolve your dead skin and impurities in clogged pores like I have mentioned above.

Don't believe me? I have tried it myself during the event by ButterflyMsia X Watson's Msia. All of us went to the event with barefaced, we did a no mirror makeup challenge (literally did our make up without any mirror, I remember getting my foundation on my face unevenly. Haha… can you imagine my face one side fairer than the other side). All of our cosmetics that were used during the challenge are waterproof makeups. I took 1 full pump of the Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid, it has a scented fruity smell while applying.

  • Picture of me after using the product, not a single spot of makeup trace is left on my face

2. Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask, 80g – RM49

On the day of the event I did not try it on my face, as it takes around 15-20 minutes to dry. (Depends on the thickness you apply on your face. The thicker you apply, the longer you have to wait.) But, I did try it out on my hand, the amount I apply is a little bit thick. The texture of the product is very sticky, so you know how it feels when you apply it on your face. This products helps to purify dead skin as well as absorb excess oil on your face. So say goodbye to oily faces. Not only that, it contains arbutin to helps inhibit dark spots and freckles which prevents your skin from aging. Just by using Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask, it can help to revive your dull skin and transform your skin into a more lively colour as well.

  • How it looks like when your peeling off your mask 💕

3. Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel, 35g – RM39

Lastly I would like to introduce to you Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel. This is really suitable for people who have black heads, especially around your nose area. It is best recommend to use around you T-zone, or anywhere that you think have lots of blackheads on your face. You must be thinking why the name has "Hot & Cool" in it, here is why. This product has a thermal effect which helps to enlarge your pores when you feel you skin is hot, then is when your blackhead is remove. Whereas when you feel your skin has a cooling feeling after that, means it is soothing your skin as well as shrinking and tightening your pores. So after applying this, you have to leave it around 5-10 minutes, depends on each individual. Guess what? It helps to purify your dead skin and absorb excess oil too! This product can be call the double function product, as it can clean your face as well as repair your skin. One more thing, it is recommended to use once or twice per week to achieve the best result.

  • Doesn't my skin look flawless after I use Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel?

The event was overall fun and interesting as I get to meet so many other bloggers as well as my first official Butterflies event that I attend. Thank you Tammy for having me over. 💕 What makes it interesting is because we get to try the product on the spot as well as having the no makeup challenge which is hilarious as we laugh at each other when some of us drew our lipstick or eyeliner out of place. Once again thank you Butterfly Msia, Watson Msia and Foret Blanc for making this event successful. Not to forget the wonderful dessert by Foret Blanc, all of their dessert looks so mouth watering, but what makes it even better? The food is not only good in look, but it taste fantastic. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

  • Our special surprise from Foret Blanc

* To all my dear readers, thank you for supporting me by reading my blog post. Here is a RM10 off code for you, just use "PIKA10A" when you check out. Please note that it is only valid until 31 July 2017.

Pika Pika products can be purchase from Watson outlet or Watson webpage. I have included the link below. 💕